About DMUK

DMUK is the meeting-point for all fans of Depeche Mode in the UK on the web.





There was an embryonic version of DMUK in 1996 in the form of a simple text list of fans which was eventually abandoned and replaced with a primitve web page, then known as "UK Moders" due to it's UK-centric nature. Thanks to Brian for the loan of server space at http://www.commline.com


If you click here you can travel back in time and see all the different phases in glorious techy-colour! Scroll down and find the link(s) for "Depeche Mode Fans"


THE BIRTH OF "UK MODERS"? > Tuesday, 20-Apr-1999



The DMUK webpage was created in early 2006 to compliment the mailing list and raise it's profile, but the ethos remains the same, DMUK is you, the fans of DM.


Your contributions are needed in order that this site becomes the centre of an active community! If you have a page you would like included here, email Woj the details today.