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DC Thomson & Co Ltd has been in business for over 120 years and continues to be one of Britain’s largest and most influential publishers, publishing favourite British magazines, newspapers and comics including Commando comics and The People’s Friend.


It’s not just the classics though – with brand new titles released in 2016, the DC Thomson Shop is the most exciting place to subscribe to your favourite magazines and newspapers!

Our magazines are loved across the UK by hundreds of thousands of active readers and subscribers. We pride ourselves in bringing customers the content they want to read and publish the magazines and newspapers we know they will love. Our shop now includes not only print subscriptions but digital as well, bringing many of our oldest and most-loved titles up to date with our customers’ evolving needs.


With our titles recognised and loved internationally, the DC Thomson Shop is the perfect place to find those ideal gifts for all the family. Whether that is a subscription to their favourite magazine or just keeping up to date with the latest news delivered to their door, there is something for everyone at the DC Thomson Shop.


Our Most Popular Magazines:

  • Beano
  • The People’s Friend
  • My Weekly
  • Commando
  • This England
  • The Scots Magazine
  • Official Jacqueline Wilson Magazine

… and many more!