Shops (Intro)

Q. What’s this all about then?


You use the links on my site to go to any of the shops listed, then buy something as if you'd gone directly to them, after which you will get money ‘refunded’ from me!


For example, if you click the Amazon link, place an order as normal, then tell me you have (important), then I can (and will) send you money back!



  • Since I started doing this people have used my links to buy goods/services to a total applicable value of £20,204.01

to date £680.99 has been earned by claimants = an overall average of 4.45% of the above amount

  • The maximum individual payout was at a rate of 13.76%!



“If a customer realises that they forgot to place their order through an Associate link (from this site), and then clicks back through an Associate's website after they already placed an item in their Shopping Basket, the item in the basket will not be tagged (no commission paid, no refund on your purchases)”



Q. How does it work?

  1. You click on the link for the shop you’re interested in (or a link I may have posted elsewhere)
  2. Navigate the shop site and place your order with them (as if you’d gone directly to their site)
  3. Tell me you’ve made a purchase
  1. The shop you bought from pay me commission for the ‘referral’ from my site to theirs
  2. I’ll arrange to transfer a share of that to you via PayPal (or any other mutually agreeable method))



Q. Do I always have to come to this page?




You can copy any of the links from my site and save them as Bookmarks in your browser.


For example, if you save to your browser (instead of/as a replacement for then everytime you click it and buy you'll earn cashback.


You'll still need to 'claim' it though!



Don’t bookmark the site you end up on – if you want to bookmark “Shop X” you need to [Right click] [Copy shortcut] the link on my site that takes you to “Shop X” in order to receive further refunds!



Q. So what's the catch?


The only catch is that I have a hard time convincing people there isn't a catch!

I know, when something seems to be too good to be true it usually is, but this isn't, honest!




Q. When I order through your site, how can I be sure I’ll receive my goods?


A. When you click on one of my shop links (be it at, or elsewhere) you are redirected to the shop’s own website and your order is placed directly with them. I never get involved in the order/dispatch of goods.


Q. What shops can I shop at via this then?


A. The currently available shops/services shops are listed here


Q. I shop online, but can’t see my shop on your site!


A. Here is a list of shops I could apply for to have on my site. Let me know what shop you use and I’ll try to get them on board so we can earn from them too!